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The Sabertooth Tiger

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All animals are classified by scientists into groups of organization according to anatomy and evolutionary relationships.  This science is called Taxonomy.  The following is the taxonomy of the Sabertooth Tiger.


Sabertooth Tiger Classification:

Kingdom:       Animalia      (Animals)
Phylum:        Chordata      (Chordates)
             Sub-Phylum:      Vertabrata      (Vertabrates)
Class:           Mammalia    (Mammals)
Order:           Carnivora      (Ursadaes, Felines, Canines, Mustelids)
Family:          Felidae        (Felines)
              Sub-Family:       Machairodontinae        (Extinct Felines)
Genus:          Smilodon      (Sabertoothed cats)
Species:        Smilodon fatalis    (Sabertooth tigers**)


**Despite its name of "tiger" it not closely related to present day tigers, which belong to the Genus: Pantherus.  It merely shares the name.